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"Do You Love the
Law of Attraction?
Discover how to become a Certified Coach while Helping Others and Creating More Freedom,  Bliss and Prosperity in Your Life!"
* Plus... you'll receive a powerful manifesting process to make you more magnetic to your hearts desires!
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Dates and Times:

Wed Sept 25th 7.00 pm Eastern/NY
Thu Sept 26th 9.00 am Brisbane 
Thu Sept 26th 9.00 am Sydney 
Thu Sept 26th 11.00 am New Zealand

Presented by Sandy Forster

Money Manifesting Mentor and Law of Attraction Expert

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What You'll Discover On This Special Webinar
How to create a life you've always desired using powerful transformational processes to become the best version of yourself AND help others live their best lives.
How you can experience more freedom, fun, confidence, abundance and bliss in your life, simply by helping others.  Find out if becoming a coach is right for you.
What is coaching, what does a Law of Attraction Coach do, and why you DON'T have to have your life in perfect order to coach others - I'll bust the biggest lie about coaching.
Plus... you'll receive a Powerful Manifesting Process
to make you more magnetic to your hearts desires!